What It Means To Be Poor


What it means to be poor,

Is that there simply is no more

For dinner

There is rice,

But nothing that is nice

When there isn’t gas,

The car doesn’t go…

So you must walk, even in the snow

If they turn off the power

You can still wash your work clothes

In the shower!

Even if you work your feet into blisters

You will still be lazy

In the eyes of all those rich ass misters!

Even if your tummy growls

Don’t forget to warm their towels!

You must not tell

Anyone you suffer

Or they are sure to make your life much rougher

If you lose your home

Your children they are sure to take

A kindness that is fake

If your family knows your need

They will avoid you in their greed

It is a rare stranger

That will care

And give to you

What they can spare

It is a lie to say that life is fair

So try not to stare…

And reach out your hand,

If you want to be Grand