In the short amount of time, I lived, I’ve dealt with a great amount. There could be many things I could change. Me being a military brat and always moving and never settling. Being born as a preemie. My ADHD. Or how I need glasses to see. Or, perhaps the cancer I had since I was eleven years old? But, the thing is, I wouldn’t change a thing.

These things that happened to me, that are me, is what made me who I am today.

From travelling all over, I got to see the world and meet so many great people.

Being a preemie had me born fighting and that’s what saved me later on.

My ADHD is what makes my books so good (or so I think) as my head is everywhere and nowhere at once.

If it wasn’t for the vision, I’d never have tried harder to read and gotten interested in reading and therefore, writing.

The cancer, is what made me see the world as it really is. To see reality and see how I can make the world a better place.

So no, I won’t change a single thing about my life, no matter how bad and here are thirteen reasons why

1. I’d have never met the great people I know today and I know many.

2. I’d never have seen the world as it truly is and just been another naive person who has no idea what is going on.

3. I wouldn’t be prepared for the End of The World and we all know it will come eventually. Not if, but when.

4. I’d have never discovered my love of reading and writing. And what am I, without that?

5. I wouldn’t have ever helped the people that I did, giving someone hope when they felt there was none.

6. I wouldn’t have my jaded sense of humor and I know my friends love that.

7. I’d have been another clone, sticking to societies ideals and where is the fun in that?

8. I’d probably have been someone who ruined things and never completely saw the full picture.

9. I’d probably wouldn’t be a food lover, I mean, most girls I know are all about the no-carbs when I’m more of the pro-pizza.

10. I wouldn’t have been as close to my family and I love them dearly.

11. The Military, specifically the Marines, is like a family to me all of its own and am entire community, where I feel like I belong.

12. I’d have never gotten into Anime. A stupid reason, I know but I love Anime.


13. I wouldn’t be the me I am today and like hell I’m going to give all that up.

So, there you go, thirteen reasons why I’d never change a single thing.

– An entry to the Thirteen Reason Why contest, though I don’t know if I am qualified anymore since I didn’t change a thing. Here for the publics viewing.