The Lost Hills of Home

The coyotes call

And I would answer them

If it weren’t for the lump in my throat

This silent cry

Is answered though

If only by the distant sea

Breathed across the wild hills

Echoed in the canyons

Blue with night!

The moon luminous

And bright!

This dream is only a memory

Of the earth

As it was

When I was young

Nature’s little children

Are quiet now

Their songs are only sung

In my heart

Humming to me there

I will not forget

The rare bird’s peep

Or the gentle deer’s mystery

Their beds of wildflowers are now wiped away

The teeming life of the hills

Are now gone

By the clashing,

Metal teeth of man-made machines

Nature’s music was so rudely hushed

And for this my heart is forever crushed

Saying farewell to the green frogs


Singing in the rainy rivulets

Sharing those tears even yet

With the souls that I have met

The glory of the milky way

Before the stars were dimmed

Now hiding behind a hazy dome

Of city lights

Is what

Was once

What I called home