Kissing beetle-Bottle nosed beetle (1)

THE GOOD: I have had my share of Emergency room experiences. I wanted to share my experience at Grossmont Sharp Hospital involving a bottle nosed beetle or a (kissing bug).

They can cause a severe allergic reaction that immobilizes the body and puts you to sleep. The pain and swelling can cause heart disease, palpitations, parasitic death, and gastronial reflux disease. In 2011 my first experience of being bitten by the beetle was when I was sitting on my couch and something bit my hand. I saw it, caught it and put the beetle in a jar. The pain and itching was unbearable and my hand started to swell. I could feel the venom crawling up my blood vessels in my arm. I couldn’t stay still because it itched to badly. I knew I should not scratch the area but I shook my hand and arm wildly to alleviate the pain. I applied itch cream which did not work. My husband drove me to the emergency ward at Grossmont Sharp Hospital. We arrived 35 minutes later. I was incoherent and unable to walk. I was put in a wheel chair and wheeled into the emergency room. I was unable to hold my head up and unable to articulate what happened. My husband had to answer the questions. The nurse asked “Was I always like that”? Dumb question! I was taken immediately into the emergency room and the best of the best Doctors hooked me up and stopped the pain. After I was treated with medicine flowing in my veins I became coherent in my speech. Tom had downloaded information on the beetle and gave it to the Doctor. No one in the ER had seen or heard of this particular beetle. I was given anti vermin and steroids to alleviate the pain.


July 24, 2014 I was bitten again in my sleep. I don’t know how the beetle got under my covers but it did and it bit me on my right hand little finger. It was much bigger than the beetle that bit me three years ago. This time we left immediately to go to the emergency room. Fortunately the Doctor on call was aware of this type of beetle bite and gave me steroids, and Benadryl to alleviate the pain. It was 4:30 am when we left home. It took 35 minutes to go to the hospital. I had the same symptoms as last time. I don’t remember being put in the wheelchair or answering any questions. I was unconscious. My husband had to tell what happened. What we learned is the beetles come out in hot weather. It was 104 degrees last night. The Doctor took blood samples and said they would do lab testing. We had brought information about Chagas disease and requested my blood be tested for it. The day doctor took offense and told me I had to go through my regular doctor for such a request.? They had my blood and I was there and he refused to check if I had the disease that bottle nosed beetles carry. With the exception of the day doctor, the hospital staff and nurses were excellent. The emergency room doctor and nurses were excellent. I can’t thank Medicare and my additional insurance, United Healthcare enough for the insurance coverage regarding my life threatening ordeal. The exception to my comments is the emergency rooms. Drugs used to assist in emergencies do save lives and I am grateful.


THE BAD: During both visits to the hospital I was aware of the EMF’s in the rooms. The flat screen TV’s for each patient was a nice touch. The computer screens were on continuously. It is todays state of the art medical set up for health care and it is a great system. Patients come and go but the staff who work 12 hour shifts are exposed continuously to the EMF’s that can be harmful to their health.  How are the nurses, staff and doctors protected? What is the long term exposure probability for the caregivers being exposed on a daily basis? I have no answers to these questions. I believe it should be a concern of all hospitals to protect the people involved. When I use my computer I wear a Q-link pendent that protects me from the EMFs radiation. There are several geometric designs that protect people from the EMF radiation put out by computers. Maybe hospital staff could be protected by wearing protection devices.


THE UGLY: Big Pharma has a strangle hold on our government, Unions, and the medical field. They have invaded our teaching facilities at the college level making sure all Doctors be required to use their drugs. I don’t have to be specific. Just watch the TV ads. A drug advertisement shows a happy family, or an elderly person smiling on TV about how good drug ABC has helped them. In the subtitle of the advertisement as recommended by law the list of harmful effects is scrolling on the screen. If you are a fast reader one of many of the harmful effects may be death.  Scary stuff! Worse, when you order a drug from a pharmacy you receive a 6 page pamphlet listing all the harmful effects to your body. Another issue is the practice of placing prior employees working in the pharmaceutical industry on the FDA Board of Directors, supposedly the watchdog agency to protect the public. We are sheep risking our lives when an agency called Big Pharma has taken over the medical industry and dictates to Doctors which drugs are best for their patients. What comes around goes around. There are brave Doctors leaving the Status Quo to initiate natural healing policies using nature as intended to help people heal. They have been penalized for stepping out of the wheel of death and greed controlled by big Pharma. Natural paths, Energy healing, Flower essences, pure grade essential oils, homeopaths are slowly getting a foot hold in recognition from the public.

These are my express opinions and not those of any one agency, hospital or Doctor.
A bottle nosed kissing bug can be a carrier of Chagas disease. If not treated, death will come earlier than later. So far I have been bitten three times by this beetle. My blood work will show if I am a carrier. If I am, there will be another story to be told.


Written by Linda Strom Medvitz