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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Follow up

I have been asked to share any progress that I have had with my experience with the bottle nosed beetle that bit me in July of 2014. One of the first things I did was obtain an Epinephrine or EpiPen 2-pak kit to use in case of another beetle bite. My doctor recommended it since it takes more than a half hour to get to the emergency room from where I live. The cost was $360.00 that includes two injections in case of an emergency. Next we hired Payne Pest Management to inspect and treat the rat problem under our house. They stated there was a lot of rat feces under the house where the bottle nosed beetles breed. They proposed to clean out all rodents, spray for all bugs and set traps to insure all are captured/poisoned. They also built a special apparatus to block access to the area under the house where a crawl space was available. $650 was spent to protect me from being bitten again. The work was completed on August 4, 2014.

I was originally bitten on July 25, 2014. On July 30, 2014 I found a beetle in the bathroom sink before I went to bed. I freaked. My daughter had given me mosquito netting to hang over the bed in case I needed it. My husband hung the netting to protect me from any bug bites. I would only use it at night. The cat was fascinated with the netting and would claw at it tearing small holes in it. She always slept with us at the foot of the bed. We had to keep her out of the bedroom at night. She would sit at the door and cry not knowing why she was banned from sleeping with us.
In early August I visited my primary care Dr. and asked about getting a blood test for Chagus disease. He stated he would have to ask the committee he meets with regularly regarding my request. He never got back to me. I wrote a letter requesting in writing a blood test for Chagus disease. I never got a response. Medicare does not provide blood tests for unknown problems in the U.S.

On August 21, 2014 I was bit again by something that looked like a small ant. It was a miniature bottle nosed beetle. The babies had hatched and were so small that the netting did not stop them. It bit me on the ankle. I knew it was not an ant when it stung like hell. I took a Benadryl tablet and put lavender oil on the bite. My ankle swelled up. I was afraid to go back to bed at 3:00am. The netting did not protect me from this miniature baby beetle. The sting stayed local and did not spread up my leg like the parent beetle bites. The house had been sprayed underneath to get rid of rodents that attract the beetles. After this experience of being bitten by a baby beetle in my bedroom we had to take more action. I put bounce under the mattress and put purification essential oil on cotton balls at the end of our bed and under my pillow.

On August 24, 2014 I was bitten again at 4:00am. I caught the miniature beetle and after I drowned it I added it to the jar of beetles that bit me.
It itched so bad that I put lavender and purification on the bite. It had bitten me several times. There was a ridge of swelling going up the inside of my right elbow. I added baking soda to the lavender which absorbed the pain and then bandaged the bite. I was unable and unwilling to go back to bed. Because it was a baby the venom did not spread up my arm. My husband went back to sleep. The bugs don’t bother him.

In the morning we cleaned out the closet, cupboards, drawer’s, pulled up the mattress and turned it over and cleaned the floor of the bedroom. We had sprayed under the bed, under the mattress and the window sill. We found what looked like echo skeletons of tiny bugs as they grew into bigger bugs in my T-shirt drawer. In addition I used purification and lemon essential oils to create a smell that would repel the baby bugs. I put the oils adding peppermint on cotton balls and placed them in my drawers, in the closet and under the bed. I have not been bothered since. When summer was over I removed the netting and am able again to enjoy the company of our cat, Hera.

I can only describe the little bugs as looking like mites. They were long and thin and looked like bottle nosed beetles. I had caught the babies with wet toilet paper which they stuck to and saved them in a jar with the bigger beetles that had sent me to the emergency ward.

I spoke with my primary care Dr. regarding my written request for a blood test. He was unable to help me with my health plan. I contacted my Chiropractor Dr. and asked if he could find someone who would test my blood for the disease that bottle nosed beetles are known for in South America. I can attest they are in North America and am concerned for my future health. To date I am unable to find anyone who will test me for Chagus disease.
My next step is to go to Mexico and find a Dr. there who will test me for the Chagus disease caused by Bottle Nosed Beetles. However on further research I found out I could donate blood to a blood bank. A new law established in 2006 requires blood banks  check for Chagas Disease. That may be an easier way to determine if I have a problem or not and it will save a trip to Mexico.