Spy Tipping
Part 1
Liv Freely

It has been said before that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Whether or not you believe in a greater being should not detract from the simple magnitude of this statement. The idea appeals to the best within us all. To have a society free from those who wish to oppress others should be the highest priority on par with the understanding of Nature itself. Resistance is necessary!

Two non-violent forms of resistance are direct resistance through non-compliance of laws, edicts, etc. The other by evasion of whatever edicts or laws that are contrary to natural law. The first is effective as a form of protest and has a memorable affect on witnesses and inspires others to do the same. The discouraging side effect to the person committing the act of defiance could result in personal ruin and despair for him and depending on the disposition of the law enforcer could involve bodily harm to the brave resister. The latter option of evading the fasces mafia is in many ways more effective. The resister who lives her life and makes her money out of view of “the authorities” can make an individual nervous. Fear not! Like any other way of living, at first your daily actions needed to keep food on the table might make you uneasy but after going through the motions for awhile you’ll get used to it. Akin to changing the oil in your car. You know it must be done but it is not on your mind everyday. Keeping yourself out of view from the “Eye of Mordor” is not as difficult as it seems after a little research. Even with our 1984 style government the state is not omnipotent and they are far from it. A laughable example of this is the NSA’s data storage server warehouse in Utah has collected so much information they are unable to process it, or so they say. [ https://www.aclu.org/blog/too-big-comply-nsa-says-its-too-large-complex-comply-court-order ] More to the point; the strategy of evading those who steal for the state drains more energy and treasure from them than the time, energy, and wealth it will cost you.

It would be best to remember this: there is an extremely hard pull in the minds of most activists to declare your intention to disobey as many “authorities” as possible. To stand on your principles is not wrong, in fact it is admirable. Do remember this also makes you a target of any “authorities” that may get wind of it. It does make their job easier. If they intend on pinning some victimless crime charge on you, I say make therm work as hard as possible for their ridiculous revenue generating charges. If they think they caught a live one with you they could even assign some sort of agent to follow your communications etc. If you’ve been careful agent x will be spending so much time looking through dead ends he’ll get frustrated and give up. In my book a battle won. Now just imagine what a drain on the badge wearers it would be if all your activist friends did the same.

There are a lot of stooges working for the State. Many of them are exactly that, stooges, as in not that smart. This shouldn’t be construed by the reader in such a way to convey the author considers herself a genius. Lets face it federalies usually have a hard time thinking outside the box. Also if they score too high on a IQ test their application to work as an enforcer is rejected. [ http://www.mintpressnews.com/can-someone-be-too-smart-to-be-a-cop/192106/ ] If a considerable number of people do the reasonable effort needed to avoid the controlers you can see how easily this would overwhelm the fasces mafia. Compound this a couple hundred times and the scales tip heavily in Liberty’s favor.