The gates of my Heart are wide open

The keys lay alone in the Garden

Oceans of tears cannot wash away the pain

That has been tattooed on my Spirit

A dark ink binds me to my human tribe

A pounding rain, a bloody reign

Cannot drown the thundering cry of my Soul

I can only smile on at the gentle,

bending curve of the wildflower

Heavy with the weight of the sky

Reflecting a world Upside-down

A  world that wills to be righted

A warm golden light blazes

Through the Forest’s cathedral

Raising steam

In the darkest depths of the Woods

Where fear and anger have lain Silent

In the mossy Earth

Rotting with the death of Trees

A fragrant breeze stirs me

I have been slow to Awaken

To the sweet bird’s gentle Song

Singing of Soaring

Over the Sea’s steady waves

Crashing on the walls of my heart

A thousand tiny Suns

Blooming in the Night

Dancing before my eyes

Dreams daring to take Flight