fireTV2The last “job” I had was with a temp service working for a company that manufactured vitamins. It was about mid-December of ’13 when I got a call from the shortly after my shift was over from one of the women working at their office telling me I had been fired. Or as she said it, “removed from your appointment at [Alphabet Company].” I assume that was the most legally correct term they could come up with. So begins the discussion on my many reasons working for almost any corporation large or small makes a simple job harder.

“The HR\Lawyer Brigade”

If you have ever worked for a corporation you know who I’m talking about. I have nearly this exact same conversation when I begin working for a corporation between whomever is in the “HR position” and myself. I can’t help it.

HR: “You need to fill out this form.”
Me: “What’s this?”
HR: “A W-4.”
Me: “I need this?”
HR: “Yes, to work here. It’s for your W-2. For your tax returns ya know.”
Me: “No way around this?”
HR: “Nope.”
Me: “Boo, alright if I– have too.”

Sometime around when I write my SSN (“Secured Serf Number”) into the eight little boxes near the bottom of the page I begin to feel the curiously strong paper shackles tighten. When I arrive at the end begin to chicken scratch my signature on the line vivid images from “The Little Mermaid” enter my mind. A–and its gone! Part of the control over my money is surrendered to this cabal of lawyers, IRS agents, and the “Eye of Mordor” or “federal authorities.” I’m being to harsh, there are some good lawyers. IRS agents? I’ll bite my tongue for now. When working for one of these corporations most fit the description “a bunch of bastards.”

Follow Protocol Even If It Doesn’t Make Sense Cus’ Corporate Said So.

For a few years I worked for a “big box store.” Let’s call it [Asterisk World.] I can sum up those years like this:
Me: “Hey [manager] this doesn’t make sense, seems inefficient.” Or “Pretty sure the store is losing money on this wacky\stupid idea.”
MGMT: “I know but Corporate said So.” Or more honestly, “They don’t give a [Insert your favorite expletive phrase here.]” (Any one of them was probably used at least once.)
Sadly, that does not quite describe the frustration that ebbs and flows while working there.


MGMT: “Can you do your [Short acronym for computer training program]?”
Me: “Now?”
MGMT: “Yes.”
Me: “I have to put shit on shelves.”
MGMT: “Don’t worry about it.”
Cus’ answering multiple choice questions prompted to you on a computer screen every 3 months somehow is more important than working. Black Friday, you can’t train for that annual train wreck of “lets cross our fingers and hope we make a profit.”
Eventually [Asterisk World] fired me for not meeting my for not meeting my [computer generated efficiency declaration]. And so began my somewhat long journey out of working with “papers.” My short employment with [Alphabet Company] began and ended shortly thereafter. I can’t stand to vent anymore about past jobs right now. Moving on to how this involves “The Man.”

Fake Money, Taxes, and Bombs

The other bad side to working with “papers” is the government involvement with your money. Nowadays you are paid essentially in 1’s and 0’s. they are simply digits created and transferred by a computer controlled by a bank called, the Federal Reserve. This organization masquerades as some sort of government agency. Well it’s not. Often compared as being just as federal as Fedex. This organization holds absolutely nothing other than paper in reserve. Couple this with the fact the feds and the state you live in tax the 1’s and 0’s in your paycheck before you even receive it. Additionally that “tax” money is ultimately used to purchase and drop bombs on people halfway around the world that are of no real threat to the safety of the people on this side of the world. On an average day this would bug me. Certain days I felt as if it would eat away at me. This all came together when I would look at my pay stub. While I was eyeing the numbers all I could say to myself was “What sort of madness is this?” That can make working difficult.

Without Papers

Not having my name attached to paperwork is great. That being said it’s not all tea and crumpets. Less stress from managers, more stress of responsibility for me. On the bright side there is no half panicked rush to the timeclock an hour after waking. Don’t interpret that to mean I only awaken when the Sun demands like Louis XIV or some nonsense. I still have to wake up early most days often times to an alarm. That hasn’t gone away yet, may never. All in all a much better way to live. Gee that sounds great how do I do that? Get busy! Are you ever bored? You might be lazy too. I do it all the time. Often I’m sinfully guilty of sloth. My eyes start to glaze over looking at Facebook quite a bit. Do you have a hobby you’re good at? You can probably make money at it. The internet has mad this much easier. Are you going to start paying the rent with the money you earned selling model Tall Ships in bottles? Probably not right away but it might just pay for your bad coffee habit. It’s a start right? You could make some beer. It’s not easy but don’t let that time clock keep you down. If you want to get out of “the matrix” you have to take the red pill at some point. How much longer do you want to keep supporting the world the way it is? Remember…

The King needs your money to eat.

Imagine if just ten percent of the population stopped filling out “papers” for the empire’s taxes. The whole damn thing would be at risk. Perhaps even less! Don’t believe me? Have you ever taken a traffic ticket to court? If even half of the other victims you are in the courtroom with said “not guilty” the judge couldn’t possibly process all of them in one day. Not exactly stopping the machine of state but definitely throwing sand in the gears. Remember the tiniest bit of sand in an engine will destroy it within a short period. Enough analogies for now.


Another plus to working without “papers,” if you have an activist personality you’ll probably have more time to come up with or work on new ideas. I’m not any sort of well known activist or done anything worth merit but I did find the time to write this article. I could also venture a guess that a few liberty minded activists are also working within, and following the exact legal requirements and spirit of the law.

Living a Better Life

If you are a part of a community that practices agorism most likely what you are buying or selling is cheaper than it would be in the state manipulated market. You can see how this would benefit you. Now at this point you may have some lingering thoughts about what happens if government agency “X” doesn’t get my “paperwork” to agency “Y” in order to distribute it to people in need. Maybe fifty some odd years ago you may have had an argument. Nowadays it doesn’t matter. Really, it doesn’t! They fabricate money out of nothing as stated above, and the federal debt is completely unpayable. (Look it up.) So worry not! Federal Reserve Notes are almost completely under their control.

Living Without FRNs

It ain’t easy but people do. Check out John Bush and Catherine Bleish on living off Bitcoin.{ } Also the folks at { } Be creative, trade for stuff. You may be able to cover your food costs through your agorist side work. Related to this line of thinking the Whiskey Rebellion come about essentially because those involved in the tax revolt were using whiskey as a form of trade. They were being taxed on their money. Talk about angry! Living a life without FRNs will most likely become more of a necessity. As time goes on the gub’ment will find new ways to tax and fine people. You’ll definitely see some creative schemes on the local level as Cannabis becomes legal. This trend will continue. You will need to find some way to keep your money intact. A good start might be to learn or remember how to live life without a bank account. First, learn to silence that voice in your head telling you “that’s too hard.” It’s not, really not that hard. Is it so hard to buy a money order? Is it so hard to put a money order in an envelope? “However shall I buy stuff off the Internet?” There are a number of prepaid debit\credit cards out there that can fill that purpose. I say this is a good start because if some gub’ment mafioso types are gunning for your money the first place they’ll look for it is your bank. Even if you’ve been a loyal customer at your bank for years they will give your money to the G men quicker than dogs to dinner. Remember the government and the banks are close, think Rick James and coke.
Have you thought about using a pseudonym when able? If you are serious about keeping your hard eared money safe you might have to do that too. I’m not recommending you do anything illegal right now. If you started your car this morning without putting on your seat belt first, it’s too late for that ain’t it? So why worry about it Buttercup? You should start somewhere. We should all start somewhere. When we get enough grains of sand in the machine it will stop.

The Fire Has Started

A few brave individuals have already put their life and Liberty on the line engaging in this sort of activism. Look into “The Silk Road Trial” { } to see the cutting edge of the struggle for a freer future. Why take a risk? There are people out there who have lost their homes, their cars, or been driven into debt by state action. These events do affect you. If someone has their property taken from them because of their victimless “crime” the state continues to “win.” The more people lose their things without any real effort exerted by the government, the State will continue to do so unless challenged. Stop asking for permits, you’re asking for permission. Stop paying taxes. There I said it!

“Let them march all they want, as long as they continue to pay their taxes.”
-Alexander Haig

Whether the former Secretary of State said this it is the implied attitude of the state toward the rest of us. The Felur de Lis and Fasces carrying Mafia will continue to operate so long as the coin rolls in. Should you put your Liberty and fortune out on the line tomorrow? I suppose if everyone did that we wouldn’t be in this situation anymore. Try this; fill out a permit incorrectly. If you have to pay a fine do it in quarters or ones. Be a grain of sand in the gears. If you do it trust me others are doing the same. Look int the history of the Renaissance and the enlightenment for examples. Around the same time Galileo had made is telescope others had similar designs in Holland and France without his knowledge or influence. { } This whole “I’m the only one” nonsense is becoming a cobweb covered old excuse. So what if you are the only one? The mountainous codex of history stands as an example if you don’t do something now a non-violent revolution will only be more difficult come the passage of time. So get busy, and remember the King needs your money to eat!