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Brass Ear Cuffs with Crystal Accents

Why would a “grown woman” spend her time making elf and fairy ears?  Who am I not to!  As a creative person “cleverly disguised as a responsible adult” I find that the more time I spend tapping into what I find magical and whimsical, the happier I am.  I have always had both a creative and spiritual connection with the Faerie Realm.  I create handmade Elf/Fairy Ear Cuffs from wire, crystals, found objects, and charms.

Elf Earcuff from Wired Redhead Jewelry

Elf Earcuff from Wired Redhead Jewelry

There is an incredible transformation that occurs when a customer tries on their first pair of ear cuffs.  Over and over I have seen their faces light up when they see themselves as new beings.  I believe that what we are seeing and feeling is a return to a sense of playfulness and magic that can get lost in our day to day lives. I have been happily surprised by the range of people from all ages and backgrounds who respond to the opportunity to show their truly magical selves.  The Steampunk, Cosplay and Burner communities have been incredible forces for creativity among “grownups.”  Faeries are beautiful, mysterious, clever, mischievous and wise.  Who wouldn’t want to be one!

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Debra Berl


Silver with Blue Crystal Elf/Fairy Earcuff


Steampunk Style Elf/Fairy Earcuff