“Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder.”

In a perfect world, everyone would be beautiful, they would be rich, they would be famous and smart and everything else society deems fit. But, the thing is, the world isn’t perfect.

I am a Caucasian female who is sixteen years old.

What does that bring to mind? A Starbucks drinker, someone who has never dealt with anything, maybe someone who has no idea what life is all about? Well, you are right, wrong and wrong.

What? I like Starbucks.

Anywho, as I grew up, I’ve learned the lessons taught to me from a very young age.

Beauty is everything.

I moved around a lot, from state to state and it was the same everywhere I went.

You’d see little girls with long, silky hair and big blue eyes with smiles that lit up the room. Then you’d see, well, little girls like me, whom wore glasses, with long brown hair and eyes that were pretty but were hidden.

So, I bet you can guess what happened? The girl became popular, became Society’s ideals. And well, I didn’t.

The funny thing is, still to this day, I can’t bring myself to care.

Later on in life, I was diagnose with Hodgkinz Lymphoma cancer, which is a story for another time but it made me lose my hair and in the end gave me more scars then I can count, physically and mentally.

So, here comes the dreaded high school. Now, when someone is in a wheelchair, bald, on oxygen and has a tube hanging from her chest, it’s not exactly the most welcoming package, is it?

Though, I still made friends. Friends, who were in their own rights, beautiful.

One was partially blind, she was technically born blind but more then her fair share of surgeries allowed sight.

She is beautiful though.

Her laugh is contagious and though she could be a bit.. prickly at times, she has a heart a mile long and a smile a mile wide.

Another friend, though she covers it with laughter and jokes was hurt badly in her past. I won’t go into details… To me, though? She is strong, humorous, courageous and beauty personified.

She is what I want to be.

She is beautiful.

That is just two of many friends, who are truly beautiful.

Now, let’s get into what I’d call Beasts.. And not the kind that turns into a Prince Charming.

I met this girl at a park by my house, she seemed lonely and I said ‘hi’ and it seemed like we hit it off. We had spent every day of our Summer together, either hanging out or sleeping over at one anothers house. Every single day, we would be together.

She felt like a best friend.

It was the first day of school. She wouldn’t even talk to me. I was surprised, I mean, weren’t we best friends? I knew I considered her one.

Not even a week later, I find out from one of my good friends, that the girl I met and thought of as a best friend told people that I faked my cancer. And for all the crap, all the horrible things I’ve been through, my heart felt like it shattered when I learned, some had believed her.

I may have lost what seemed to be a best friend but I lost even more that day. Just from a simple lie, it felt like she took my dignity as a survivor.

You see, she was a very good liar. It kept going on, her lies and people believed her. Because in societies views, she was beautiful, tall and long with a pretty smile but inside.. Deep inside of her, she is black and vile.

Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder.

Let me tell you a little story.

I once knew a girl and we were stationed to New York together, we were right near each other and became friends. I’ll admit, when I first met her, I thought.. she was weird. I mean, all she talked about was Anime, I didn’t get the big deal.

But then, I began going to the school nearby. At first, it wasn’t so bad, I’d figured the bullying would die down when they got tired of the New Girl. But that wasn’t the case.

One girl, I can’t remember her name to this day, nor do I care too, showed what seemed like kindness to me and I latched on. I didn’t realize it was a joke. Her friendship. She was beautiful, dark eyes and long, flowing hair, she dressed nice too.

This is kind of bad, since it is the climax of the story but I can’t remember what she did but it had me distrusting people and overall hating school.

When the cancer came along, I’d say it was a year in or so, I couldn’t go to school. These kids, that society deemed beautiful would mock me, for I no longer had hair. It was cruel and for someone who was always in excruciating pain, the added pain made it even crueler.

Eventually, I’m not sure when, I started talking to the girl, who I originally thought was weird and saw her in a whole new light.

She is beautiful.

She showed me, when no one else wouldn’t, true kindness. Though I still didn’t get the big idea about Anime, (I do now, years later) but her and I? We became best friends.

Eventually, we accumulated our own group of friends. It was me, the girl, our neighbor, my brother, a girl who’d come by every once in a while, a pair of siblings and eventually our very own new kids to the block.

While, those that most, would view beautiful, were ruining others lives, another story for another time, we were living it up.

Oh, I still had the pain and the ridicule but I just brushed it off, mostly. We were out there, as often as possible, at the park and either running around playing our version of The Hunger Games and me cheating as I would become allies with everyone, using it to my advantage.. Or when we would hold our weekly “We Hate Justin Beiber Club”. And argue over if he was a girl or not.

It was fun. It was something worth living for and overall, I believe it made me fight.

Fight to win.

Fight to live.

Fight to survive my cancer.

Because the world is beautiful, it does have its vile things but.. when you look beneath its outer surface, you will see truly, what is in the Eye of The Beholder.


It is truly beautiful.