Random Acts of Poetry

Greetings. Would you like a Random Act of Poetry?

By Dylan Barmmer

For the past six-plus years, Random Acts of Poetry has been my passion project. My amusing muse. My baby.

Now, I’m ready to take it to the next level. But I can’t do it without your help.

About The Project:

“One of your note cards found its way to me today, it’s entitled Fire. It means the world to me and I am actually a fire spinner and dancer. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, a tear to my eye and happiness to my heart. It was JUST what I needed at JUST the right time, you made my day!”    –Amberly

In October of 2009, I began Random Acts of Poetry in earnest here in Southern California.

Inspired by Random Acts of Kindness and sketch and caricature artists, I envisioned my passion project as a way to share and promote poetry, creativity and individual expression with people on a daily basis.

In the many months and years since, Random Acts of Poetry has undergone a few evolutions – from poetic video bombs to set-ups at art festivals to its most common current iteration, which involves handing out and hiding hand-written haiku to random people, in random places.

Random Acts of Poetry has also become about so much more than merely poetry, amazingly. It’s become a way to connect with people. To inspire them. To make them think. To make them feel. To wake them up.

In a world increasingly defined by electronic communication and connection, Random Acts of Poetry has also become almost a revolutionary act. An old-school championing of hand-made, hand-written art and one-to-one, in-person connection. More and more, I see it as helping to keep handwriting and human connection alive and well in our weird, wired world.

Random Acts of Poetry has had a strong and positive impact on thousands of people during these past six years, with hundreds of people telling me things like, “You made my day!” or “This is so cool!” or “Keep on doing what you’re doing.”

I want to keep on doing it, but it takes time. And energy. It also takes money to print and procure the custom index cards I use, buy quality pens and, most importantly, dedicate my time, which we all know is money. Even more so when you are an independent professional and commercial artist, such as myself.

Which is where I am turning to you, dear reader and patron of the arts. If I can meet my funding goal, I can not only continue to do Random Acts of Poetry here locally in Southern California…but I can also begin to explore other areas of our country. I’ve done this some on my own, but mostly as an adjunct to personal or business travel.

If I can REALLY get funding and backing, I can REALLY take this show on the road. And maybe even write a book about my experience along the way.

Believe it or not, acting on my own, spending my own time and money other than a few minor donations here and there, I’ve hand-delivered and hidden well over 12,000 Random Acts of Poetry over the past six years or so. I want to keep on doing it, but I need to be able to afford this journey – from both a time and financial standpoint.

I’d love to get your help! If you lend a hand, I’ll write you your own custom haiku or longer-form poem too. Check out the rewards I’ve set up.

This could be a lot of fun. I’d love to take this show on the road more in years to come. Help me make it happen…if you’d like. I’d like that. A lot.


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