Independence – My handy dandy computer dictionary defines independence as follows:

freedom from control: freedom from dependence on or control by another person, organization, or state,”

One of the greatest discoveries in my life has been the discovery that I truly am, and each one of us truly is, Independent. We are free from the control of another because How We Respond to what Another Says or Does is Forever under our control.

What another says or does fundamentally has NOTHING  to do with us. It is simply what they are creating at any given moment it time, and it is always very creative.

How we independently choose to RESPOND to what another says or does has EVERYINGto do with us.

When we choose to RESPOND  NEGATIVELY to what they say or do, if we independently choose to give it a NEGATIVE meaning, we instantly have a NEGATIVE effect on ourselves.  We get to suffer from our own created negativity. This, in my mind, is not smart.

When we choose to respond POSITIVELY to what they say or do, when we independently choose to give it a POSITIVE meaning, (What a nice job they did of flipping me off – nicely done), we have a POSITIVE effect on ourselves.  This, in my mind, is smart.

What a wonderful discovery it is to see that we truly are independent – we truly are not under the control of others. We truly do have THE POWER to respond as we independently choose. We have RESPONSE-ABILITY – the ability to respond in any way we choose. How wonderful. How independent.


May thee and me forever retain the truth that we are free of the control of others and free to respond as we choose.

John Rafanello,
VP Operations and Chief Happiness Officer
E-mail:  johnr@infinitek.biz

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