Walking on coals is not my cup of tea but I went to an event that had a sweat lodge ceremony and later the coals were heated for the fire walk. My experience started when I arrived. The wood to be used for the sweat lodge was covered in poison oak and the fire had not started. I am not allergic to poison oak so I was able to get wood for the sweat lodge. Kachinas Kutenai an Apache medicine woman led the sweat lodge ceremony. She had her dog with her whose name I have forgotten but it was a big blond dog that was very muscular. I was afraid of dogs at the time but not this dog. He was like a person and stood guard over the activities.

During the event I met a young man in his early 30s who had horrible teeth and he was not healthy looking. We shared our interests and when it was time for the fire walk he did it twice, successfully. I was impressed. I chickened out and watched others walk on the coals and not get burned. Before I left for the evening I advised him to see a dentist and have all the mercury removed from his mouth and he would feel better.

The drumming and music was heated and frenzied and wore everyone out who danced after the events of the day. When it was time to go I was afraid not of the dark but of some pit bulls who were between me and my car. There was no lighting and I had to walk a few blocks worth on a mountain path to where the cars were parked. I did not have a light but I knew the general direction of my car. The dog that I met earlier came up to me and sat beside me. Standing he was half my height. I was not an animal person but this dog was my angel for the night. He walked me to my car door. When we passed the pit bulls they were tied loosely to a tree, barking and growling. My new friend let out a guttural wolf growl. The sound was enough to back the Pit Bulls off and allowed us to pass to the parking area. My new friend was a person angel in a dog uniform. The protective feeling was as if a person had walked me to my car door.

The young man contacted me months later. I didn’t recognize him. He was healthy and normal looking. I am grateful that my guides shared the mercury removal information that changed his life. I am grateful I was exposed to fire walking. My experiences were extraordinary on this day of magic.

Linda Strom Medvitz