photo of Olympic Mountains by Camas Baugh

I’m glad to see the flowers still

Holding on to their bright petals

Determined as I to not feel

The cold breath of winter

As the morning sun slowly stretches

Across the icy peaks

Burning with snowy coals

The blazing heat from the fire I lit

Reflects in the glass

As night fades away

Beyond these flames

The mountain bends down

To peer at itself in the dark waters

Streaking the canal with every shade of pink

Its beauty so surreal

It could sail away

Like  inverted clouds on a puff of air

Instead satisfied

With it’s own rich paintings of itself

In the water

Remains solid

Now blinding in its new garment of white

Dressed warm in its blanket of fresh snow

No longer an unearthly vision

Or romantic dream

But a true friend

Permanently fixed like a jewel on the horizon