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theopensociety By the grace of God I've made it to twenty-eight years of age. Recovering drug addict, ranch hand, dad and recently married. My interests are philosophy, religion (in it's true sense, that is to say in it's liberating and transformative aspects), and psychology.... More >

dbarmmer I am the Founder + Raconteur of Word Is Born, a creative content writing consortium based in beautiful San Clemente, CA. My personal motto is ABC Always Be Creating.... More >

Debra Berl I am a San Diego based jewelry artist. I create artisan steampunk, vintage inspired, and healing jewelry. My latest obsession is creating wire Fairy/Elf Earcuffs... More >

Bevbbs I am a retired product manager in the computer industry who has always loved to write. I belong to a writer's group which meets to write 20 minute stories, which we then share with each other. Much of my writing has to do with having a long life. Some wisdom comes from aging.... More >

simon.blackthorn Standup comic - and recovering neuro-scientist and college instructor. ... More >

kiakiali Kia has been waiting for opportunities to flex her social disobedience. Given the national "incident" of November 8th, there will be plenty of those for this outspoken mother of 4, poetess, writer, editrix, playwright, actress, advocate, activist, and juggler.... More >

mannybuendia I was born in Havana in 1950. Forced to leave Cuba shortly after Castro's takover, the Buendia family settled in New York City. I obtained a B.A. degree from Thomas Edison State College in Trenton, N.J. In what I refer to as "my real life", I founded Place Vendome, Inc., a successful textile company which I have run since 1987. After extensive travels throughout Europe, my wife Maryanne and I settled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. This is my first novel. I am currently working on two books. A novel regarding the bizarre world at the very high end of the interior design industry, its obscenely wealthy clientele and some of the eccentric characters that make up that little-known circle of businesses that cater "to the trade only". The other book is a sequel to "A Long Way from Havana".... More >

memorycare Sunshine Care, a community of Alzheimer, dementia, and memory care like no other in San Diego County. A unique alternative for Assisted Living.... More >

CathyCavalcante 48 year old Mom to 4 and Grammy to 3! I'm a poet from NJ USA, who lives with my wonderful boyfriend, Gary.... More >

Alan G Eschenburg Beauty secrets that go beyond the looking good on the outside, but from your inner core!... More >