It seems that my friends are always dying!  I  have learned that it is always best to tell your friends how much you love them when they are alive – not after they have died!

In my book, “Til Death Do Us Part?”,  I share many of our stories of how to deal with the death of close loved ones in an enlightened way. We also talk about how important it is to support the survivors – spouses especially. The book is full of lots of unique ways to deal with death, and very interesting reading.

After Dolores died (my wife of 20 years) , a friend offered this saying, suggesting that we all interact with each other with this sort of message:


This could be the last time that I see you;
either you or I could die before we meet again;
so please know that I deep-admire your admirable traits
and laud your ceaseless efforts to perfect your soul
and elevate your character (and that of everyone you interact with).
I hope we interact again (in this life or the next);
but if we don’t
I want that you should know
my heart has been enriched by having had you in my life
and hereby do I wish you Godspeed
in your up-and-onward sojourn through Eternity.

This, and many other unique stories and ideas, are in the “Til Death Do Us Part?” book, available at Kindle, or at the Store at as a pdf. Please get a copy and let us know what you think.  I will also try to post sections of this book here from time to time. They are not sad or morbid stories, but rather positive and uplifting ways to deal with death.  The book is not expensive, and I encourage  you to get a copy.