In my twenties I was enmeshed in Corporate America. Being a single parent, rearing two daughters, I worked two jobs to provide for my family. I had a condominium, a red GT Opal, and my health. The American dream taught to us by TV is to have more, bigger, better material things. I was taught a very important lesson by the janitor of the large corporation I worked for. He used to shuffle when he worked cleaning up after everyone had left there offices. He never talked to anyone. I worked late sometimes and he would talk to me. He was a very intelligent black man who kept to himself. One night I shared with him my glee of buying a bigger condominium. I was quite proud of myself for being able to move up in society and get a bigger, better living space with a yard, carport, pool and play areas for my children. He made a statement that I have never forgotten, “Child, only one person owns the land, you are only renting it.” This light bearer knocked me off my pedestal in his gentle way. Mother Earth belongs to us all. She was not intended to be divided up and bought and sold to the highest bidder. The water she produced was free. The sunlight and air was free. The food was free. We as a species have put a price tag on her gifts. The cost of buying and selling material items have been great. We stole land from the Indians. The industrial revolution has polluted our water, air and food chains. We all should heed the Janitor’s advice and think of terms of renting only.

We need to clean up our environment and make our land livable for all. The earth provided for everyone yet we have divided her gifts and created classes of poor, middle class, and rich  in terms of homes, food distribution and land use. Our mother’s gifts have been misused. We as a society need to look back to the indigenous people of our land.  They lived in harmony with Mother Earth. They respected the land and were caretakers of the planet. The only chances we have to right the wrongs of our thoughtless disregard of the gifts given to us is to learn from the original inhabitants of America. Respect the land, clean up our environment, grow food in a natural way, stop polluting our water and change our monetary system. The rest is up to you!