Author: tadabug2000

Thirteen Reasons Why

In the short amount of time, I lived, I’ve dealt with a great amount. There could be many things I could change. Me being a military brat and always moving and never settling. Being born as a preemie. My ADHD. Or how I need glasses to see. Or, perhaps the cancer I had since I was eleven years old? But, the thing is, I wouldn’t change a thing. These things that happened to me, that are me, is what made me who I am today. From travelling all over, I got to see the world and meet so many...

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It Is Truly Beautiful

“Beauty is in The Eye of┬áThe Beholder.” In a perfect world, everyone would be beautiful, they would be rich, they would be famous and smart and everything else society deems fit. But, the thing is, the world isn’t perfect. I am a Caucasian female who is sixteen years old. What does that bring to mind? A Starbucks drinker, someone who has never dealt with anything, maybe someone who has no idea what life is all about? Well, you are right, wrong and wrong. What? I like Starbucks. Anywho, as I grew up, I’ve learned the lessons taught to me...

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