Author: Pyre

Mind Fog

Photograph and poetry by: Steven Holman Mind Fog The Sallow sullen Moon though the veil of Ashen haze Has our conscious nightmares resting in The fire and dancing to it’s light OH Cruel Fate! And your heartless maze! I will not embrace your sin! Have I searched in vain? Where within your trite Twisted and tangled vines is truth? It cuts the unblemished sky Exposing the roots raining dew Through Rock layers and rust, left to die On the black sands of sunny shores that rue The shifting sea and steady ground Yet the Sky reaches down to earth, Fondling the cribs and crags of star stuff Caressed violently in that still, small voice: Death and light is...

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Lets build a peaceful world together!

It sounds like a daunting task and it won’t be easy but working together we can make it happen. In the Nook by the fire we discuss building communities of peace, love, and understanding as a means to reaching a society of Freedom. It all starts with an individual who cooperates with a small group. When multiple small groups come together they can do big things and when multiple medium size groups come together they can change the community. When many of these groups come together we can change the world! Please tune in to hear how you can...

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Fireside Philosophy with Special Guest Kevin Innes

This week we spoke with Kevin Innes about his experience with the Liberty Dollar and his work helping people defend themselves against the gang that calls themselves “government”and their “Legal” system, so called.

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The NRC discussion panel: Episode 8 – The Psychology of freedom with special guest Dr. Brian Harward

Is authoritarianism psychologically detrimental? Is individual freedom socially and psychologically beneficial? What contributes to our psychological “slavery”? and How can we break free?

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Photograph and poetry by: Steven Holman As we walk along the shoreline I know you have to go I kiss and love and hold you tight and clasp your hand in mine You know I know you know You’ll stay with me tonight You say you’ll leave tomorrow THANK GOD! tomorrow hasn’t come But still I sit and wonder what will happen when flies the crow and the water’s touch is numb when our lives are torn asunder I cherish all the time I get To spend here with my love because you’ll leave tomorrow The time we have is never set and by the sun or moon above cannot be begged to borrow And if you leave tomorrow though tomorrow never come today is all we have by right I will not have to entertain the sorrow that I have squandered even a little sum of the time we spend...

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