Author: Liv Freely

We are losing Libertarian let’s not lose Liberty with it!

  The words we use to communicate ideas are important. Yes its true their meaning changes over time and there are plenty of words that have changed to mean something quite different from what they were. Sometimes that change takes place over hundreds of years or shorter, in decades. In terms of the overarching philosophy of libertarianism or as I believe it to be synonymous with individualism. It seems we have lost a few words to statist logic. The most well known one being liberal. Until about a hundred years ago liberal was almost only used in connection to...

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Spy Tipping Part 1

Spy Tipping Part 1 By Liv Freely It has been said before that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Whether or not you believe in a greater being should not detract from the simple magnitude of this statement. The idea appeals to the best within us all. To have a society free from those who wish to oppress others should be the highest priority on par with the understanding of Nature itself. Resistance is necessary! ~ Two non-violent forms of resistance are direct resistance through non-compliance of laws, edicts, etc. The other by evasion of whatever edicts or...

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Notes on a Year Without Paperwork

The last “job” I had was with a temp service working for a company that manufactured vitamins. It was about mid-December of ’13 when I got a call from the shortly after my shift was over from one of the women working at their office telling me I had been fired. Or as she said it, “removed from your appointment at [Alphabet Company].” I assume that was the most legally correct term they could come up with. So begins the discussion on my many reasons working for almost any corporation large or small makes a simple job harder. “The HR\Lawyer Brigade” If you have ever worked for a corporation you know who I’m talking about. I have nearly this exact same conversation when I begin working for a corporation between whomever is in the “HR position” and myself. I can’t help it. HR: “You need to fill out this form.” Me: “What’s this?” HR: “A W-4.” Me: “I need this?” HR: “Yes, to work here. It’s for your W-2. For your tax returns ya know.” Me: “No way around this?” HR: “Nope.” Me: “Boo, alright if I– have too.” Sometime around when I write my SSN (“Secured Serf Number”) into the eight little boxes near the bottom of the page I begin to feel the curiously strong paper shackles tighten. When I arrive at the end begin to chicken...

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