Author: Liv Freely

Spy Tipping Part 1

Spy Tipping Part 1 By Liv Freely It has been said before that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Whether or not you believe in a greater being should not detract from the simple magnitude of this statement. The idea appeals to the best within us all. To have a society free from those who wish to oppress others should be the highest priority on par with the understanding of Nature itself. Resistance is necessary! ~ Two non-violent forms of resistance are direct resistance through non-compliance of laws, edicts, etc. The other by evasion of whatever edicts or...

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Notes on a Year Without Paperwork

The last “job” I had was with a temp service working for a company that manufactured vitamins. It was about mid-December of ’13 when I got a call from the shortly after my shift was over from one of the women working at their office telling me I had been fired. Or as she said it, “removed from your appointment at [Alphabet Company].” I assume that was the most legally correct term they could come up with. So begins the discussion on my many reasons working for almost any corporation large or small makes a simple job harder. “The HR\Lawyer Brigade” If you have ever worked for a corporation you know who I’m talking about. I have nearly this exact same conversation when I begin working for a corporation between whomever is in the “HR position” and myself. I can’t help it. HR: “You need to fill out this form.” Me: “What’s this?” HR: “A W-4.” Me: “I need this?” HR: “Yes, to work here. It’s for your W-2. For your tax returns ya know.” Me: “No way around this?” HR: “Nope.” Me: “Boo, alright if I– have too.” Sometime around when I write my SSN (“Secured Serf Number”) into the eight little boxes near the bottom of the page I begin to feel the curiously strong paper shackles tighten. When I arrive at the end begin to chicken...

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