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2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty Weekly Series

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Please forward this on to your circle of friends for their consideration. 2 PARAGRAPHS 4 LIBERTY: #1 “LIBERTY” As everyone knows, the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of our country ends with the phrase “with Liberty and Justice for All.”  But what is Liberty?  I am a Libertarian, and it forms the root and basis for our political and even philosophical beliefs.  But it is not really discussed by most people.  So in an effort to focus more upon this most important concept, this series will be sent to you every week.  Only two paragraphs at a time, so obviously the presentation will not be in depth.  But I hope that it will spur you the reader to further thoughts about the concept and benefits of Liberty, and also spur you to forward the series on to your circle of friends for the same purpose. Contrary to the feelings of many people, Liberty is not a “no holds barred, anything goes” philosophy – far from it.  Because Liberty also involves responsibility – at every level of society, including personal, group, corporate and governmental.  But it also means that all adults should be able to live their lives as they choose, as long as that does not wrongly interfere with the ability of others to do the same thing.  So please watch for this series...

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YOU CAN’T FAKE REALITY FOREVER Reality: Although government does perform some necessary services, like military and police protection and a judiciary to enforce our laws, and provides an infrastructure like highways and dams, that facilitates the production of wealth, it almost never creates wealth itself.  Instead, government takes large amounts of resources away from people and businesses, keeps a big part for itself, and re-distributes the rest.  So increasing government spending does not spur economic growth  – mostly it is the reverse. Reality:  Since almost all wealth is created by the private sector, the more jobs there are in the private sector, the more economic growth our country will realize. Reality:  Employers in the private sector will not hire new workers (or retain present ones) unless those workers cost less than the income they produce.  Thus the old saying “You can’t fake reality” is true, although I would add that you can’t fake reality forever. All of this means that if government imposes market artificialities upon employers – who are there to make a profit – they will do one of five things for their own health or even survival:  try to work around or avoid the mandates; cut expenses, usually by reducing their labor force and often by replacing the workers with machines; increase their prices if they can still stay in business by doing so; move to...

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