Author: Annie Kaune

Digital Nomad – Tijuana, MX

I suffer from itchy feet. That is to say, I move around a lot. I used to feel like the odd woman out for this tendency, but you need only Google “digital nomad” to see I’m not unique in this regard. Back stories are boring, so I’ll just jump right in to the meat of it. I have embarked on a one year, digital nomadic adventure. I will be taking full advantage of the world’s burgeoning, sharing economy in order to make this possible. Uber and Airbnb are going to be key, and thankfully, car owners and home owners around the world are signing up in droves. Right now, I’m sitting in this tiny cottage in Tijuana. Many thinks to host Pepi for moving the WiFi router closer to my cottage. I’m getting very speedy internet now, which is paramount for DN’s. Check out the listing on Airbnb for more info. Tijuana Greek Tiny Cottage ITINERARY (very subject to change) May: Mexico June: possibly Phoenix, Vegas, or some other Western city. After attending my sister’s wedding in Portland in July, possibly heading to Ubud – Bali, Indonesia. I mean, look at this place! Stay tuned for more. I’m sure I will make many mistakes, so I’m hoping to learn from other DN’s and maybe, share any knowledge with others. The one thing I’ll say is, this isn’t going to be...

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Soul Sketch Project—Call for Participation

Why the Soul Sketch Project? First, I think I’ll blame the Mona Lisa. Anyone who has ever tried to do a study sketch of the Mona Lisa quickly develops an appreciation for Da Vinci’s grasp of how to play with chiaroscuro. He manipulates that light and shadow effect to produce the famous enigmatic smile. Turns out, that microexpression is extremely difficult to reproduce. Until you try it, for you, the Mona Lisa will likely be a rather nice drawing of a lady with a mysterious smile. Big whoop. We can also lay some blame with Benedict Cumberbatch. One day, I...

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