Author: Alan G Eschenburg

How to Get the Secret of Celebrity Magnetism Beyond Makeup & Hair

Working with celebrities has confirmed a theory on what I believe about beauty. I believe beauty can be enormously enhanced or diminished by ones thinking. How many times have you seen a person who is visually beautiful, but you find unappealing to be around?  On the other hand, you’ve certainly encountered someone who isn’t the classic “beauty” but IS beautifully attractive. The hidden key to beauty is in the thinking. You know, the voice only one can hear in one’s head. Like the one you are listening to as you read…. It might be saying, “oh, yeah, whatever; what’s...

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How to Stop the Effect of Bullying, Now.

     After all day in middle school, stressing over exams, too much homework, experiencing the worst headache and cramps from her new confusing “womanhood” all day, the highlight of the day was when one of her classmates bullied her by saying to her gang of girlfriends, “……She’s such a be*tch.”      Dad walked in the door and said, “You look upset, honeybun, how was your day?”      She began to tear up, and said, “The usual stuff, but on top of that, a bit of bullying. One of the so-called popular girls called me a be*tch, and I don’t know what to do.”       Dad with no expression asked,  “Is it true what she said about you?”  No sooner he asked, he couldn’t hold back his sparkling smile.      They both started laughing and fell into each others arms.   “I get it, Daddy.  I get to say who I am! Their opinions are only opinions!” Parents have no easy job.  What may have looked like “thinking on his feet” may  just be the wisdom of a man whose life  lead him to understand  that real answers may come in the form of a question! The secret to “who am I?”  has been told to us over and over by the great writers, speakers, icons, philosophers and such.   You are who you...

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